Energy Storage Analysis

Alberta Innovates

Participated in two projects coordinated by Alberta Innovates Technology Futures examining the potential for coupling wind energy generating capacity and energy storage. The project reports:

Revenue Requirement and Levelized Cost of Energy Models

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Develop an excel based model for estimating the revenue requirement for an investment, new projects, or modification to an existing operating facility.

Canadian Gas Turbine Data Base

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Development of a data base of all installed and operating gas turbines in Canada. The data base includes information on the location, manufacturer, model, fuel, and expected emissions.

Conversion of Coal-fired Power Plants to Natural Gas

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Reviewed the operational, technical, and financial considerations involved in converting an existing coal-fired generating facility to burning natural gas or repowering with new gas turbines or replacing the facility with a new natural gas-fired facility.

As part of the project BECL developed a revenue requirement tool for estimating the revenue required to recover, over the useful life of the facility, the capital expenditures, operating costs and profit of a conversion, repowering or replacement project.

Natural Gas Generating Facility Technical and Financial Feasibility

Bow City Power

An assessment of the technical and financial feasibility of new natural gas-fired generating capacity.