Our Approach

Every client’s requirements are unique. We apply our expertise, skills and experience to each project to meet those requirements efficiently and cost effectively. No project is complete until the client is satisfied that requirements have been met.

BECL supports clients by:

  • Assessing the risks, competitiveness and, market value of energy investment opportunities
  • Assembling and verifying market and operating data to support market forecasts used for strategy development and decision-making
  • Advising clients on energy purchase and sale
  • Analyzing utility rate filings to determine how utility customers may be affected and recommending steps to minimize any negative effects
  • Preparing regulatory applications and responding to requests for information
  • Providing fit-for-purpose training on energy markets
  • Providing experienced staff on a short-term basis to support a project or fill-in for a temporary absence

Our Services

Energy Market Expertise

BECL has over 100 years of collective experience in the electricity and natural gas markets from production to consumption:

  • Alberta electricity market
    • Energy contracting analysis and advice
    • Analysis of behind-the-fence generating opportunities
    • Contracting both short- and long-term supply
    • Price risk management
  • Natural gas transportation tariffs

  • Alberta transmission and distribution tariffs
    • Forecast and analysis
    • Contract capacity changes
  • North American natural gas market
    • Contracting both short- and long-term supply
    • Price risk management

Financial & Risk Analysis

BECL has developed cashflow and revenue requirements models that can be used to assess the value and competitiveness of energy projects. For clients that wish to perform their own analysis BECL has provided copies of its models that have been customized for the client use.

  • Project profitability analysis
  • Revenue requirement analysis
  • Levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Quantitative analytics

Electricity Generating Technology & Database

BECL has developed and maintains a database containing details on all gas turbines being used for generating electricity in Canada. The database includes specific details on the make and model of gas turbine along with the details on the service, configuration and air and greenhouse gas emissions based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Natural gas combined and simple cycle analysis
  • Canadian natural gas turbine database

Greenhouse Gas Emission Regulations

BECL has advised and assisted clients with the reporting and regulatory compliance obligations resulting from greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically:

  • For trade affected companies – the costs and benefits of opting into the Alberta GHG emission scheme regulated under the Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction (TIER) regulation from the Federal fuel charge
  • For oil and gas companies – the costs and benefits of aggregating operating facilities to comply with the TIER regulation requirements and obtaining an exemption from the Federal fuel charge

Supplemental Staff

  • Short-term analytical and project management support
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Absence coverage

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